Fully automatic trading

You can use Gunbot to fully automate your trading by taking advantage of the usual high market price fluctuations. Once you have chosen the coins to trade and chosen a trading strategy, Gunbot will constantly buy when the prices are low and sell when the prices are high.

With the default settings, you can expect several daily deals on each coin, each of which will bring about 2 of the deposit when they close successfully.

Improve manual Trading

Do you regularly buy assets manually and try to sell them at a high price? With Gunbot you can automate the sale: Use the built-in trend tracking and trailing stop-stop signals function to find excellent exit points.

You can also set Gunbot to buy without selling. This way you can define specific criteria for buying coins to get a bargain. For example, you can allow Gunbot to buy only when a specific RSI value is reached or if the price per percentage is lower than EMA. A combination of several factors is possible.


Powerful strategies

The strategies in Gunbot determine how much to invest and what to set criteria for buying and selling. Different approaches to finding buying and selling points are what makes strategies different.

There are three main categories of strategies in Gunbot: indicator (for example, Bollinger bands), Price (with trailing stop/stoploss) and trend (acting on trend reversal).

Strategies range from very easy-to-use to sophisticated. In the simplest scenario, you only install your trading limit. For advanced users, there are more than 40 options for configuring trade behavior.

Easy to use

You do not need any developer skills to use Gunbot. You can install the software in minutes on any modern computer and control the bot with easy to use  Browser -based interface.

Alternatively, the bot can run in program mode. just set the bot settings to config. js. Gunbot automatically reloads the settings every time the file is updated Configuration so you can use your own tools to automatically update the configuration.


Reversal Trading

Gunbot can trade in both directions. When prices grow, of course, the profit will be easy. When prices fall, Gunbot can use an already invested amount to accumulate more of this asset, while prices continue to To fall . This is called “reverse trading” in Gunbot.

Gunbot can eventually sell with a profit at a lower price than the initial purchase – automatically accumulating more assets

You can even combine double up with reverse Trading!

Cost averaging

No matter how good your strategy is, an asset sometimes loses value after purchase.  Gunbot can handle this in several ways, one of which is the automatic application of dollar averaging (DCA) . This function in Gunbot called double up” .

With DCA you buy more assets after falling prices to lower the average purchase price. This allows you to end up selling at a lower price than the original price and thus making a profit.

 You can set up how many additional funds you can invest and when you need to do it!


Transactions using TradingView

With the TradingView plugin, Gunbot will perform trading signals sent by tradeview.com.

Using Gunbot in this way, you will be fully mastered by your trading strategy. The bot performs only what you want.

The TradingView supplement supports various trade restrictions for purchase and sale orders. Margin trading on POLONIEX is also supported.

Transaction monitoring

After each successful transaction you will automatically receive a notification on Telegram. The browser interface provides diagrams built from the actual data that the bot is working with, showing you why the deal happened.

With Cryptosight, (the Gunbot plugin for Telegram) which is provided with any version of Gunbot RT, you can get detailed statistics about the profits you received.