What is a gunbot?

Gunbot is a software that allows you to automate trading on cryptocurrency. Its main purpose is to make trading operations on autopilot so that you can save your time.

Gunbot buys and sells automatically?

Yes, Gunbot is able to perform up to 8 preliminary trading strategies on autopilot. Also you can easily customize the style of trading to your liking, and it will buy and sell coins according to the trading strategy you choose. The only thing you need to do is install and configure the bot, add the pairs to which you want to trade. After that, Gunbot will perform the purchase and sale operations for you according to your chosen strategy, whether you are sleeping or relaxing on the beach while drinking mojito.

What are the minimum requirements for running Gunbot?

The latest version of Gunbot is very undemanding, it can be run on an old laptop or even on a boot.

Where can I buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

There are several popular services. For example CoinBase or Telegram-bot BTC banker

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by several popular cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Eferium.

What do I need to activate my license?

You need to log in to your Exchange and create an API key. After purchasing Gunbot, after a while you will receive a notification about the activation status of your license.

Can I change my API?

Yes, if you change your original API key to another API key of the same exchange. For example, for some reason your original Binance API key has been removed, then we can disable the old API key and enable the new one, but you can’t change your Binance API key to the POLONIEX API key or any other exchange.

What is a VPS? Better to run a bot on a VPS?

Virtual Private Server is a remote computer where you can run the bot. Bot works fine on any computer, but there are several advantages of running Gunbot in VPS. For example:

  • You don’t need your computer to work 24 hours a day
  • You save on electricity
  • You can connect to your VPS to check the bot from any location, from any computer, laptop or mobile phone
  • VPS connections are really strong – if your home Internet connection is unstable, the bot will still work. also a strong network helps the bot to be faster and more efficient

What strategies can I run on Gunbot?

Gunbot includes 15 predefined strategies. The combination between them is also included. You can also customize the default settings and create your own trading strategy.

Can I count on support?

Yes, by purchasing a Gunbot license, you will have access to the main Telegram support group.

What is the term of the Gunbot license?

The Gunbot license does not end. You will receive updates, improvements and new versions for life.

How long does my license activate after the purchase?

Once we get your Api key and tools. Activation usually takes only a few minutes, but in some cases it can take up to several hours.

Can I install Gunbot on multiple computers If I have a single license?

Yes, you can install Gunbot on multiple computers, but please note that you can only run it on one computer at a time.

I've never dealt with cryptocurrency. Can I use Gunbot?

If you do not trade manually or use automation software such as Gunbot, it is highly recommended to have some basic knowledge. You should keep in mind that cryptocurrency markets are very unstable and, despite the fact that they offer good opportunities to get a terrific profit, they also involve a high risk.

Do you offer financial advice?

No, we’re not financial advisors.

I still have questions!

You can send us an email at info@gunbot-store.com or simply fill out the contact form. We will be glad to answer your questions!